Sermon Synopsis Sunday March 11: “Jehovah vs. the People of Israel”

We live in a litigious society. Why? Because it works – meaning, because it pays. Even the most frivolous lawsuits can be disproportionately profitable; you can walk away with some soft-earned cash. One prison inmate, for example, sued the place of his incarceration because his orange jumpsuit offended his aesthetic sensibilities. No kidding. The case … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis for Sunday January 21, 2018

Maybe you’ve been frustrated over a failed marriage – or Perhaps you feel trapped in a world of addiction, anything from drugs, alcohol and gambling to eating, sports and entertainment. Conceivably, you suffer from some disabling illness or some chronic mental disorder. Any of these personal world-imploding matters can seem overwhelming; but when we clutch … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis For 1/14: Gloom & Doom

Don’t let the title scare you away, because God never forecasts Gloom & Doom without offering Mercy & Grace. Starting this Sunday and continuing right up through Labor Day, we will be navigating our way through that portion of the Bible that rarely gets traveled, the Old Testament Prophetic books. Not only do we rarely … [Read more…]