Sermon Synopsis Sunday July 9: “Your Will be Done.”


Astronaut James Erwin is but one of a few men who walked on the surface of the moon – #8, to be exact. As he stood upon the lunar landscape and looked back at our earth, this majestic view triggered so many unexpected thoughts and emotions. He mused over all the strife among disgruntled nations, the utter poverty and starvation claiming tens of thousands of innocent lives and the rampant evil pouring out of both godless men and religious zealots.

But one thought kept parading up and down his mental corridors, which he later transferred to paper; a question to which he provided his own answer. He pondered, “What is more important than man walking on the moon, is that God should walk on earth.” He explained he was referring to that period of approximately 33 years when Jesus Christ walked on earth’s surface.

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we’re pleading this all over again; we’re crying out for Jesus to return to walk on earth again: “Your Kingdom come!” But there’s a real sense in which you and I can sprinkle a bit of His Kingdom on earth today, and every day until He does come back. How do we do this? Why not join us this Sunday morning as we mine the meaning behind the plea, “Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven?”


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