Sermon Synopsis Sunday August 13: “Lead Us Not To Temptation”


We live in a blame-shifting culture. Few of us own up to our own personal responsibility for much of anything anymore. Cheating spouses blame the other for failing to meet their needs. Adult children blame their parents for past abuse. Bosses blame their subordinates for lackluster productivity, while subordinates blame their bosses for creating a culture of hostility.
Liberals blame guns for the rise in homicides while conservatives blame the shooter. The populace blames the Media for Fake News while the Media blames the populace for social naïveté. The Church blames the culture for kicking it out of the public arena while the culture blames the Church for being irrelevant.

God doesn’t even get a break here: “Why me, Lord? What’d I do to deserve this?” This is a virtual backdoor way of saying, “You did this, God!” Even the misnamed Lord’s Prayer, as traditionally recited, doesn’t do us any favors when it comes to turning around this runaway finger-pointing steamroller. It sounds like it’s blaming God too: “And lead us not into temptation; ’cause if I sin, it’s Your fault, God – You led me there.”

Why not come this Sunday morning to hear why God would lead us to where He’d never want us to go? Or is there a different explanation? Only one way to find out.


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