Sermon Synopsis October 8th: Our Home Away from Home (Part 1)


While my wife and I were away on vacation last week, our church family held an impromptu business meeting. It seems that both Sundays when I was absent from the pulpit, the sanctuary was packed!; the congregation deducing a direct cause-effect correlation. So it’s sending us back down to Hilton Head next Monday; only this time, for an undetermined length of stay. I guess we’ll have to persevere through more slow-cooking in the hot tub and chilling on the resort’s Lazy River; more biking on the island and kayaking around it; more fine dining and cruise touring. We’ll make do.

I’m wondering – if Mari and I were to vacate farther, would the church grow faster and fuller? It’s worth probing; say Hawaii???

What do we all share in common regarding our take on vacations? They’re never long enough. We’d all like to go on extended vacations.

Every person who has made the decision to follow Jesus Christ is on an extended vacation. I’ve been on mine for over 55 years. But one day, I’m finally goin’ home. Don’t know when; but one day, this extended vacation will all be over.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love this life! But what the Bible tells me regarding my true home, makes me long all-the-more to go there! Why not come out this Sunday to learn more about “Our Home Away from Home?”