Sermon Synopsis For 1/28: Jonah


One of the most familiar Bible stories of them all, ranking up there with Noah and the Ark, Daniel in the Lion’s Den and David and the NY Giant, is the story of Jonah and the Whale. I submit to you that the way his story has been typically recounted over the past two centuries, if not for more, falls under the heading of Fake News.

“What are you saying, Bob? Are you telling us, you no longer believe it really happened as it’s recorded it happened, that you now doubt its historicity? Are you saying your convictions have capsized because you have bought into the contemporary mythologizing of any Bible story that hinges on the extreme supernatural?”

Not at all! I believe all four chapters report an accurate narrative of this episode in the life of an otherwise unknown person to history, the man Jonah.

Why not come out this Sunday morning to hear how I seek to unravel the Fake News from the true story?