Sunday Sermon Synopsis for 12/20: Where is the newborn King of the Jews? Mt.2:2

Any question that begins with the term, “Where?”, can mean one of a few things. It may be intended to be philosophic: “Where is your brain?” In other words, “What were you thinking?” The question may be practical: “Honey, where did you put the remote this time?” Or the question may betray frantic desperation: “Honey, … [Read more…]

Sunday Sermon Synopsis for 12/13: What will this child turn out to be? Lu. 1:66 (about John who pointed people to Jesus)

Every parent dreams big when God blesses his/her home with a child. “My son’s going to be a heart surgeon someday”, or “He’s going to be a prosecuting attorney.” ” My daughter’s going to be a big city newscaster one day”, or “She’s going to be a future U.S. President.” I’m no different than anybody … [Read more…]