Sermon Synopsis for 8/28: “Don’t Covet”


At our church, there’s been this enduring exchange of levity surrounding the Lamborghini it has yet to gift to me. So this Sunday, I’m going to vent my true feelings and get them all out on the table – or should I say pulpit. It’s long overdue that I come clean and tell the congregation how desperately I long for my own Lamborghini. How much? About as much as I desire to be hired as a gourmet Chef at some Lebanese restaurant. You see, I know virtually nothing about cooking and I hate garlic and grape leaves. I probably know less about cars and could care less which model I drive; just so it gets me where I need to go. I have zero interest in owning a Lamborghini – unless of course, it comes as a gift. 🙂

But let me be honest about some things I truly would like to have: about six more inches of stature, a property that manicures itself and the ability to play drums like our church drummer, Will. Now I’m being honest. I could throw in five or six other things, like a vacation to the Grand Canyon and a slice of Triple Chocolate Cake every night for dessert for the rest of my life.

So what exactly does this frivolous twaddle about a Lamborghini have to do with anything worthy of our valuable time preaching God’s Word? You’ll have to come this Sunday to hear my answer as we come to the last commandment of Moses’ Top Ten in our final sermon in this series I’ve entitled simply, “Don’t covet.”


Sermon Synopsis for 8/21: “Don’t Lie”


Depending on your age, you may remember the designer fad of the early ’70’s called “Hot Pants.” They were very short, shorts that some mistook for a very wide belt. But do you realize that we all wore them at one time or another – if the taunting trope of children stands correct: “Liar, liar, pants on fire?” Catch my drift? We’ve all lied! Now if you object and deny your own culpability here, then you’re either lying to yourself or you’re just plain delusional.

Authors James Patterson and Peter Kim reported some of their findings regarding this oral epidemic in their book, “The Day America Told the Truth.” 91% of those surveyed lie routinely over trivial matters while 36% lie about important matters. Parents, you better heed this one: 86% of your kids admit to lying to you regularly. Then there’s sibling truth-skirting: 73% lie to each other as a matter of norm. Friends weigh in at 75%. But perhaps the saddest statistic of them all, 69% lie routinely to their spouse.

Therefore, since we all appear to be masters in the art of oral fabrication, you may want to come this Sunday to hear what you (and I) can do about it in our sermon on the 9th Great Commandment simply entitled, “Don’t Lie”.


Praise and Prayer Service Sunday August 14, 2016


Please come and worship with us as we devote this service to a time of praise music and corporate prayer this Sunday, August 14th at Faith Family Fellowship Church.

Because of our proclivity to “fall into ruts,” the same can even be said for how we worship God on a weekly basis. So we intentionally schedule occasional services to depart from our usual. If you have never visited our church before, maybe this Sunday will give you a new view of worship???

Our Praise Band leads us in singing twice the number of songs we typically sing, and we sprinkle in praises and prayers from the floor. Why not join us this week in case you have fallen into the worship rut!



Sermon Synopsis for 8/7: “Don’t Steal”


Did you hear about the man who was siphoning gasoline from a random motor home parked on a Seattle side street? The vehicle owner had spotted his would-be thief and promptly called the police. However, this owner chose not to press charges because the hopeful gas smuggler didn’t get any; at least, not of the liquid variety. It seems he plugged his hose into the motor home’s sewage tank as opposed to the gas line. Now that really stinks.

Theft is big business in the good ole U.S. of A. People are raking in sizeable incomes by taking what doesn’t belong to them. Burglaries, larceny and auto thefts total over $14 billion per year while shoplifting is costing another $15 billion. The statistics indicate that one in every 11 Americans lifts everything from gum to Gucci, with employee theft pilfering some $19 billion per year.

Then there’s that modern day genius of Identity Theft. Some 7% of our country’s population has lost who they are at a cost of over $50 billion per year. We’re living in a day of epidemic theft proportion with greater than 10 million acts of theft and robbery perpetrated in the U.S. annually.

Now I suspect you’re thinking to yourself, “Well that ain’t me; I’m not that one out of 11. I don’t steal.” Not so fast. I believe the 8th Great Commandment is one that all of us violate at least occasionally, but we’re near oblivious that we do. Why is this? Because our culture has schooled us to steal in socially acceptable ways.

Why not come this Sunday to hear more about why I make this claim and what God meant what He said, “Thou shalt not steal?”