Support AWAKE Youth Group’s “30 Hour Famine” to Fight Hunger!

Help AWAKE, Faith Family Fellowship Youth Group, raise funds as they join students around the world loving God and fighting hunger. As many of you know, the teens will be beginning their 30-hour fast for world hunger on Sunday afternoon. They will be doing this as a way to “taste” what one-third of the world’s population … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis for 2/12/17: “Fork In The Road: Which Way Do I go?”

I can’t imagine there’s too many red-blooded Americans who haven’t seen the 1939 movie classic, “Wizard of Oz.” It’s memorable on so many levels: a masterpiece in early cinematography, esp. with its burst of Technicolor when Dorothy touches down in Munchkinland; the Oscar-winning performance by Judy Garland for her song, “Over the Rainbow”; all the … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis for 2/12/17: “Called to Love”

Some of you may be familiar with Watter’s World, a segment of the O’Reilly Factor, telecast weeknights on the Fox News Channel. The sole reporter, Jesse Watters, poses some pretty shallow questions about life, liberty and the pursuit of asininity here in the good ole US of A. He approaches the average passerby on the … [Read more…]