Sermon Synopsis for 4/2: “The Fulfillment of the Law”

As we encroach upon another Easter season, our minds rivet to an otherwise inconspicuous cross; inconspicuous because thousands in that 1st century hung suspended upon those implements of torturous death. So what made that cross so different? Obviously, it had nothing to do with the particular piece of wood. On the contrary, it had everything … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis for 3/19:”Treasures on Earth and Heaven”

With tongue in cheek, 20th century American poet, Richard Armour, captured what we all know to be largely true: “Workers earn it, spendthrifts burn it. Bankers lend it, women spend it.” (I’m merely quoting here, ladies.) “Forgers fake it, taxes take it. The dying leave it, heirs receive it. The thrifty save it, others crave … [Read more…]