Sermon Synopsis November 19th: “One Body Under God”

I suspect most reading this can recite that most memorable line from Alexandre Dumas’ classic historical novel, “The Three Musketeers:” “All for one and one for all.” It was their rallying cry that signaled their solidarity. Together, they’d engage their enemies as one, wielding their swords united; regardless how insurmountably lopsided the odds stacked against … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis November 12th: “Best Dressed Christians” (Part 2)”

Even our regular attenders don’t know our church’s official dress code. This is because we don’t have one. Our church by-laws remain completely silent on this subject. So, we wear nothing then. Kidding. What we mean by our purposeful omission is that we make no demands on what anyone should wear – taking into consideration, … [Read more…]

Sermon Synopsis November 5th: “Best Dressed Christians” (Part 1)”

I believe we can whittle down our contemporary celebration of Halloween to two essentials: #1: free candy; lots of it and more calories than our kids could ever count. And #2: fantasy-to-freaky costumes; kids getting the opportunity to present themselves in a wannabe identity – though hopefully not in some subliminal alter-ego outfit. I get … [Read more…]